Mr. Turner (2014)

Joseph Mallord William Turner was a loner, a brilliant watercolorist who took this method of painting to a new high. He was also an eccentric, reclusive man. His mother, the daughter of prosperous London butchers and shopkeepers, became mentally ill when he was still a child. For that reason, he was sent away to live with relatives at age 10. Later, she ended up being institutionalized several times and eventually died insane. After early schooling, the young Turner became a draftsman and later studied painting and drawing under Thomas Malton (1726-1801). Malton was a brilliant architectural draughtsman, and Turner got from him a lifetime passion for landscape and architectural painting. Continue reading “Mr. Turner (2014)”

En torno a la democracia social

En su Pequeña crónica de grandes días nos recuerda el gran Octavio Paz cómo el período de la posguerra ha sido uno de los más pacíficos y prósperos de la historia europea reciente. Algo similar arguye la historiadora Sheri Berman en la introducción de su fascinante [amazon ASIN=”0521521106″]The Primacy of Politics: Social Democracy and the Making of Europe’s Twentieth Century[/amazon], una historia cuidadosa del desarrollo de la democracia social en el siglo XX. Continue reading “En torno a la democracia social”